Chosen Health Care Institute, Inc. offers training programs that are North Carolina State-Approved. We provide professional, comprehensive education to prepare our students to enter into the world of healthcare and succeed through commitment, respect and compassion.

Training Programs currently available are:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant 1 (CNA 1)
    Training for nursing skills such as taking vital signs, communicating with patients and other healthcare team members, and assisting patients with activities of daily living
  • Nurse Aide 1 Refresher (CNA 1 Refresher)
    This refresher course will reintroduce the varieties of Nursing skills needed to assist patients with activities of daily living. Upon completion, students will be refreshed in how the Nurse Aide works.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant 2 (CNA II)
    Advanced skills training such as oxygen therapy, removal of fecal impaction, sterile dressing change, suction, and trach care
  • CPR & First Aid
    First response to a life-threatening (or limb-threatening) medical emergency, either an illness or an injury

For more information on training opportunities, please visit Chosen Health Care Institute, Inc.