About Us

Does mom need help with daily household chores after recently being hospitalized?

Is dad’s Dementia causing him to miss meals and medications?

Is your loved one facing challenges living alone with an illness?

More and more families are faced with the dilemma of finding reliable care providers for their loved ones. At Chosen Health Care Services, Inc. we can relate to what you are going through.

We realize that needs often compel us to look for assistance outside of ourselves and family.

Because we recognize that these can be very sensitive matters, we come to you with a degree of professionalism and care that will allow you to maintain your dignity as you recuperate with our assistance.

We would be honored to serve your home care needs. Our goal is to provide specialized care for homebound individuals with illness, injury or those who are at a certain age where they become more and more dependent on others for daily living tasks. Whatever you may be going through, there is help you can reach for. It only takes a phone call to get the help you need.

Call Chosen Health Care Services, Inc. at 704-547-1988 and request for personalized home care services.